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Twitter Wall

Twitter Wall



Year 3’s taskmaster challenge had the children choosing the most unusual places to read. Looks fun!


Year 4 had lots of fun conducting a science experiment which involved measuring the weight of gases in fizzy drinks.


Well done to Emme in our Year 1 Key Worker bubble for her independent writing


William is so proud of completing his writing task independently. We are all very proud of him too! Great job William!


Charlie has been finding various compositions of 5 each time the wavy sea throws the teddies off of the pirate ship. This looks like great fun!


Year 3 have been taking part in daily challenges. On Monday they had to make an aeroplane out of resources they have at home and see how far they can throw it. Each day they complete a challenge they get a point, at the end of remote learning we will crown a task master champion!


Thank you for the treats and - they really cheered us up!


Zain has been busy making porridge to taste just like in the story of 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears'. He used his list of ingredients to support him. Zain then thought of some describing words like sweet and hot to put into sentences. Good job!


Year 1 have been cooking along with Mrs. Wahl's video for West African banana fritters. Reece has been busy measuring out the ingredients and making the banana fritters. We bet they taste yummy!


Just a few of the VIPS Leybourne Chase nature photos submitted as part of the VIAT Primary Weekly Challenge - aren't they great?


Year 5 have been working hard. Jake has been writing all about Earth and the Solar System in Science. Ruby has written about her favourite Hindu goddess and Harrison has written about The Hexapod in English.


William has been working hard on completing his 2x tables activity in school. He was very focused and very chuffed with himself! Good work William.


Year 5 have produced some lovely work this week. Well done to Sam for all his hard work, Henry for producing a lovely diagram of the Solar System and Inaya's introduction to a non-chronological report. Keep up the great work Year 5.


Jack has been working hard on his sentence structure. Well done Jack!


Year 3 have been working very hard this week. Louis has been doing some great work in math's and Zoe produced an amazing diagram labelling the layers of the Earth. Great work!


Year 2 had a lot of fun investigating Superheroes for the day. They thought about what superheroes do on a daily basis, what their personalities are like and, finally, drew their perfect lunch. Who knew that Batman’s favourite snack is chicken nuggets!


Fantastic adding by counting on from Harley in Year One. Great work!


Panda class have been really busy this week. Logan has been trying to find ways to represent the number 0 in Math's and Eleanor produced a very detailed story map of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Keep up the great work!


Well done to Inaya with remote learning today. This piece of work is beautifully presented


Each class has received a Portable North Pole message from Santa, Year 3 were very excited to find out they are currently on the nice list!


Little Cracker appeared in Year 2 today and asked the children to make Lolly stick Christmas tree decorations


Everyone looks very festive in their Christmas Jumpers today


Year 3 have had great fun investigating which materials are magnetic


We would like to say a very special thank you to at Kings Hill for their kind donation for our class bubble Christmas parties. We are truly grateful


Little Cracker has made a right mess of the school office this morning. Mrs. Craig and Mrs. Robinson were extremely shocked to find glitter thrown across their desks and toilet roll strewn everywhere!


The School hall is looking very Christmassy set up for today's Christmas dinner


Little Cracker has stolen Mr Holt’s chair and favourite coffee mug and is hiding in the school. Mr Holt is unable to find Little Cracker and is not very happy!


Little Cracker made a mess in Year 3 today making hot chocolate and decorating the class room with toilet roll and Christmas decorations. Miss Carlow was not impressed


Little Cracker has caused quite a buzz in school this morning hiding from the children


Year 1 had lots of fun this morning making Snowmen with Little Cracker!


The office has busy making up popcorn and sweet goodie bags for all those staying for the film night tonight


We were very impressed with Phoebe’s work on Magna Carter


Little Cracker is in his pyjamas ready for stories and film night


This week in Panda Class we have been very busy filming the Nativity. Here is a sneak peek...


Little Cracker has caused a noisy stir in Year 4 this morning. To stay off the naughty list Mr. Terry has to blast out the children’s favourite hits!


Little Cracker appeared in Year 5 this morning causing trouble by pouring coffee all over the Children's English Books!


The children in Panda class have been busy making snowflakes following this morning’s exciting visit from Little Cracker!


Little Cracker caused quite a stir in Panda class this morning making a mess and getting up to mischief!


Little Cracker has been keeping a watchful eye on the children today, ready to report back!


We are excited to announce we have teamed up with Eden Estates to host a children's Christmas Colouring Competition. To enter simply follow on Facebook, like their page, find the competition post and upload your drawing in the comments.

Specialist Resource Provision (SRP)

Our Specialist Resourced Provision (SRP) is commissioned by Kent Local Authority. It provides specialist provision for children with Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) with a primary need of Autism (ASD). The Local Authority (LA) is responsible for placing children. The school informs the LA of available places depending on class size, age group and current level of need. This child's needs are then discussed at an SRP panel with representatives from the LA and SEN specialists. If the panel believes a child could be suitably placed at our school, we will then receive consultation paperwork to review and decide whether the school can meet the pupil's needs. A response must be sent from the school back to the LA within 15 days. 

Parents are invited to come to look around the school and meet the staff when looking at placement options for their children. Once placement has been agreed, a transition meeting will be arranged where parents will receive the welcome pack, a visual welcome pack for the pupil and a transition timetable will be arranged. The transition timetable is based on the individual pupil's prior experience of school and their level of need.

SRP Places

We have been commissioned 8 spaces for this academic year by the Local Authority for our SRP. 

We currently have 6 pupils on roll in the SRP across all year groups. Our SRP staff includes a lead SRP teacher, Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) and Teaching Assistant (TA) who all have knowledge and expertise in working with children with a range of SEN needs including Autism. The SRP team are supported by the school's SENCo and Headteacher. 

Pupils within the SRP need to show the potential to integrate into their mainstream classrooms. Levels of integration are dependent on the individual pupils, the subjects of interest to them and their prior school experience. We aim for all pupils to be included in all aspects of school life as well as in the classroom. This is including assemblies, extra-curricular clubs, offsite trips, special events and whole school activities and rewards. The class teachers maintain a regular dialogue with the SRP team and therefore pupil's education is holistically developed by all members of staff.

Annual Reviews

Annual reviews are held for all pupils with an EHCP where progress towards outcomes, strengths and difficulties, levels of provision and interventions are discussed. Pupils with an EHCP also have provision plan meetings three times a year to measure the progress towards their SEN outcomes outlined in their EHCPs. The meeting will also provide an opportunity to discuss provision and progress towards the agreed smaller targets based on their end of Key Stage Outcomes.

KCC Annual Review Information and Documents


Interventions are based on those listed on pupils' EHCPs. These could be conducted in small group environments or on a one-to-one basis with an appropriately trained and qualified adult. 

The range of interventions could include:

  • Social Skills
  • Zones of Regulation
  • Drawing and Talking 
  • Speech and Language 
  • Resilience and Self-Esteem interventions
  • Sensory Circuits
  • Exploring Senses
  • Well-being Check Ins
  • Lego Therapy

Interventions are planned and conducted for an agreed period of time prior to commencement of the intervention. This is then reviewed for progress and impact at scheduled intervals. 

Useful Links

Here are a range of links to ASD supporting charities and organisations. If you are aware of other supporting websites or organisations that may provide information or support to our school community then please let us know.

The Kent Autistic Trust

Autism Education Trust

National Autistic Trust

Autism Alliance

Autism Speaks

The Children's Sleep Charity

Space 2 Be Me


If you would like more information about our SRP or the interventions we provide then please contact the school office on 01732 840 908 to speak to our Headteacher, SENCo or SRP Teacher. 

Or email