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Outstanding Care

Care for your child is the most important thing we do. This care is the foundation of the outstanding education which you want and every child deserves.

In school the responsibility for the care of your child is shared between your child’s class teacher, the Headteacher and the Individual Needs Co-ordinator. These professionals form the Progress Review Team, and they meet weekly to review the progress of all pupils.

They will consider your child’s:

  • Attendance: Care focused on the relationship between high attendance and high educational achievement.
  • Social Adjustment: Care to develop a happy child, well motivated to learn.
  • Behaviour: Care to foster excellent behaviour as the key to taking full advantage of education.
  • Academic Progress: Care to ensure success in Secondary School is built on success in Primary School.
  • Individual Educational Needs: Care based on a belief that all children have individual needs which we identify and respond to.
  • Individual Health Needs: Care for children with specific health needs.

If we have any concerns about your child’s progress we will involve you fully. You are the fourth member of your child’s Progress Review Team.