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Ishan's in Year 3 first recital of Jain stotra: Bhaktambara. He learnt 48 verses in a period of 3 months. These verses are in Sanskirt and read in hindi. We are very proud of his dedication and willingness to learn, well done!


Year 5 have been replicating Galileo's 1589 investigation into gravity. Sadly, they couldn't get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa so had to be creative 😊


Year 4 have been writing a recipe for a potion in English using time conjunctions and imperative verbs. This is what Emilie produced once she had written up her recipe.


In English this week, Year 3 have been writing non-chronological reports all about Volcanos. Good work Year 3


Yeah 5 have been learning all about Chinese New Year, Phoebe presented to the class and showed them her Chinese dress she wears


For this week's primary challenge, we asked pupils to draw a picture of what they're missing about being in normal school lessons, as well as what they like about learning at home. Jack drew a picture of himself and his friends playing football which he really misses!


Louis in Year 5 created his poem "COVID LIFE" about the highs and lows of Lockdown life and performed it as a rap.


Year 1 had a great time playing in the snow!


Year 1 had a great time playing in the snow!


Retweeted From Childnet

Today is Safer Internet Day! Keep your eyes peeled on the account and the and hashtags throughout the day to see all of the things happening across the UK


Year 3 have been advertising the town of Volcanius – a town that is home to the volcano Eruptalot. The children have written posters advertising the benefits of living in Volcanius.


Is it time for lunch yet? These fabulous photos of our pupils' culinary creations has made us very hungry! Well done to everyone who took part in this week's primary challenge!


In Science this week, Year 2 have been testing which materials would be most suitable for a house in 1666 during The Great Fire of London. Great work!


Inaya, Sam and Lily in Year 5 took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend and recorded their results using a range of different graphs and charts


Year 4 created Newspaper reports based on a fairytale (Jack & the Beanstalk/Three Little Pigs). Great work Year 4!


Year 2 bubble have been writing fact files on the Great Fire of London, and have also made crowns and written some rules imagining they were the King and Queen!


Here is our Year 2 bubble enjoying some chocolate cake for Eedie's birthday today


The Primary Weekly Challenge this week was to see how many star jumps you could do in one minute... well done to everyone who took part! Our star jumping champion is Henry who managed to do 99! Amazing!


Don't miss the latest edition of our Trust's Online Safety Newsletter - it's full of really useful information, hints and tips! Find it here:


Emilie in Year 4 undertook a science challenge to investigate reversible and irreversible reactions. She made predictions about which reactions were reversible/irreversible and then tested her predictions. Good work!


Sianne in Year 3 presented to the rest of the class about a volcano La Soufrière in Guadeloupe, Caribbean where her Grandmère and Pépé live. Sianne shared lots of photos from her visits and a wonderful poem she wrote inspired by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.


Jayden in Year 5 has written a Non-chronological report about Pandora’s mysterious creatures. Well done!


Year 4 were given the challenge to become a reporter for English Taylor did his on the 3 Little Pigs


Christopher in Year 5 wrote a really interesting Non-chronological report.


Year 3 have been writing volcano poems this week, working hard to include figurative language such as onomatopoeia, personification, similes and metaphors. Jack has worked hard to try and include all of these in his writing.


Jake in Year 4 reading the introduction to a newspaper report. Well done Jake!


Louis in Year 3, did a fantastic job of solving some missing number calculations to crack the code!


William and Hector in Year 3 have worked very hard on their Volcano poems. Well done, keep up the good work


Year 1 held a live debate on Teams to discuss whether it was a good idea for Zeraffa Giraffa to be sent as a gift to the King of France. Our adjudicator Mia decided that giraffes definitely belong in Africa!


Year 5 are studying the work of Gaudi. Ibukun and Christopher in Year 5 have worked hard recreating some of Gaudi’s most famous architecture. Well done


Chloe in Year 3 has been working really hard on her math's task and hasn’t given up even when she has found things difficult. Well done Chloe.


This week in Literacy Panda Class have been learning about key workers that help us in the community. A special thank you to PC Hawkins and team from the MET-Peckham Police Station for making Panda Class a very informative and exciting video to explain all about the police force


Favourite book alert! This is what William had to say about his collection. "My favourite book so far has been “That Dog” as it reminds me of my dog, Poppy."


We are currently looking for a Parent Governor - do you have a passion for education and would you like to help make a difference? Find more details here:


Year 5 have been working hard on their written work, here are some lovely examples from Harley and Jayden. Well done!


Year 3’s taskmaster challenge had the children choosing the most unusual places to read. Looks fun!


Year 4 had lots of fun conducting a science experiment which involved measuring the weight of gases in fizzy drinks.


Well done to Emme in our Year 1 Key Worker bubble for her independent writing


William is so proud of completing his writing task independently. We are all very proud of him too! Great job William!


Charlie has been finding various compositions of 5 each time the wavy sea throws the teddies off of the pirate ship. This looks like great fun!

Relationships, Sex and Health Education

From September 2020, all primary schools are required by the government to teach Relationships and Health Education.  

At Valley Invicta Primary School at Leybourne Chase, our RSE/PSHE curriculum aims to enable the children at our school to become healthy, responsible and respectful members of society. Through the curriculum and the school’s engagement with the Rights Respecting School’s Award (RRSA) programme, the children are encouraged to become wider thinkers, allowing them to tackle a number of the social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues that are part of growing up. The aim of the curriculum is to provide our children with a ‘safe’ environment where they can learn about relationships, being healthy in mind and body, staying safe and what it means to be part of a community. Engaging with this curriculum, and developing their understanding of their rights set out within the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), should encourage our children to recognise their self-worth, foster critical thinking skills and empower them to speak out on local and global issues, developing well-rounded, respectful global citizens. 

Relationships Education focuses on teaching the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships including: 

  • Families and people who care for me; 
  • Caring friendships; 
  • Respectful relationships; 
  • Online relationships; 
  • Being safe. 

Health Education focuses on teaching children about their physical and mental health and well-being and providing strategies to support healthy, positive development, this includes: 

  • Mental wellbeing; 
  • Internet safety and harms; 
  • Physical health and fitness; 
  • Healthy eating;
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco; 
  • Health and prevention; 
  • Basic first aid; 
  • Changing adolescent body.

If you would like more information about statutory Relationships and Health Education, please click below to read the government guide “Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school: a guide for parents”. 

At VIPS at Leybourne Chase, we have been delivering Relationships and Health Education within our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum.  We have reviewed and re-written our PSHE curriculum ready for September 2020, to make sure that our lessons meet the requirements that the government has set out for the content of Relationships and Health Education.  

We have also updated our PSHE/RSHE policy to reflect the new statutory status for Relationships, Sex and Health Education, which can be found in the links on this page.

In order to develop our curriculum, we ran a parent focus group in February 2020 to discuss the proposed curriculum as part of our policy consultation process.  

Links to our curriculum and other resources that we think may be useful can be found below. As with all areas of your child’s learning, if you have any questions about the curriculum please contact the office, or ask to speak to Miss Carlow (PSHE Lead).  

Useful documents:

Parent booklet - talking to your child about periods

Student booklet - Periods

Department for Education - Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education

Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child's primary school - a guide for parents

Parent RSE Training September 2020

RSE and PSHE Curriculum

Relationship Sex and Health Education Policy

Useful link:

Information from the Department for Education about the introduction of compulsory Relationships Education and RSE from September 2020