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Psqm award 2018

At Leybourne Chase, our vision for Science is to broaden minds and horizons, to inspire an aptitude for independent investigation and to plant seeds for a lifelong love of Science.

We shall do this by:

  • Inspiring our children with real-life experiences and practical investigations;
  • Encouraging children’s enquiring minds to probe the secrets of the world around us by providing a well-resourced curriculum;
  • Providing opportunities for children to learn outside the classroom and develop their scientific knowledge further;
  • Stretching and extending children’s scientific knowledge, vocabulary and enquiry skills.
Leybourne Chase Science Policy
Our Science Principles


This is what some of our children said about Science at Leybourne Chase:

"I love learning about thunderstorms. They do lightning and make the clouds go grey." Sophia- year R

“My favourite Science lesson was where we proved that light travels in a straight line by using a torch and hole punched paper to create a perfect beam of light.” – Tilly -  year 6

“I loved it when we got to design our own experiments with electrical circuits.” Kirsty  - year 6

“My favourite science memory was when we investigated shadows on the playground.” Ella  - year 3

“I liked it when we put food ink in the water of some flowers and the flower changed colour. It was really cool.”  Ashli – year 4

“My favourite thing we did in science was when we had to sort animals into groups like amphibians, fish, birds reptiles. It was in term 5.” Terry – Year 1

“I really like animals so I am looking forward to our new topic about humans and animals because you can find out things that you don’t already know” Caia – year 2

“I liked learning about camouflage and how it keeps you safe from predators. We looked at pictures and tried to find camouflaged animals. Stick insects look just like sticks” Agrim – year 2

“I loved learning about flowers and how we get fruit and vegetable from plants.” Christopher – year 2

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